Published on October 31, 2011

NZ Me or Dog

Zuzu, the dog, is joyfully recounting how absurd it was for Nick's girlfriend to threaten him with an ultimatum about Zuzu


…and so she says, “That’s it! It’s me or the dog.”


This Nick Galifianakis cartoon was originally published on July 26, 2002 for the feature Carolyn Hax: Tell Me About It in The Washington Post and other syndicated newspapers. The illustration deals with Nick and Zuzu, dog, dogs, true friends, friendship, companion, chosen family, girlfriend, demanding, ultimatum, jealous, envy, high maintenance, insecure, dog-lover, dog-hater, life is run by your pet, animal, you just don’t understand, short end of the stick, conditional, unconditional, us against them, teaming up, third wheel, dating, romance, breaking up, storming out, bar, bartender, laugh, laughing, hilarious, Peter and true love.

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